Thursday, 30 March 2006

Channel Repeat

It is now official. We can thank channel recovery (7) for repeating their flagship shows in other timeslots, later in the week for the benefit of those who 1) either missed last week's show or 2) need another incentive to become hooked. The repeating is especially true where there is a natural "entry point" into a franchise that has been running for sometime. Take the case of Lost. Last week's ep. saw the whole Lost story start again as they followed the survivors from the back of the plane who crashed elsewhere on the island (is the island the size of Australia ? How come nobody has been for a look-see?). Pretty important stuff if you are a fan of the show (as the Good Lady Wife is) and pretty important that it gets taped too if you are not around to watch it. Lucky for her husband that this ep. of Lost was repeated last night, that her husband noted that scheduled programming was being pushed back an hour and popped in a blank tape.
Her husband, for the record, had failed to tape the key episode because he was recording The Glenmoore Job, one of the short films SBS have been running. And also for the record, it was very well done. Simon Lyndon and Saskia Burmeister were excellent and the storyline tight. Having seen both writer/director Greg Williams' 2006 Tropfest entry and now this short film in the past month, I hope we see his talent in a longer format soon.
The last of the 'fresh Australian drama' short films is screening tonight on SBS at 830P.
This week we welcome back round 1 of the AFL (on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday) and the footy show (which debuted last night) was more of the same and no worse off with out Eddie. Sam and Trev's tribute to losing their buddy was vintage footy show comedy.
Working Dog (The Panel, D-Gen. et al.) are back with their reality-cum-theatre sports show, Thank God You're Here (10 Wed 730P) which will appeal to many however it conflicts with Mitcham Vets obligations and I'm not sure if I will get to it. Perhaps if the feedback is strong then I will pop in a tape.
Movies worth the effort don't tend to make it to the small screen too often however Scorsese/De Niro's Raging Bull (Sun 7 1230A) is well worthwhile (how it didn't win best picture remains a benchmark as to why the Academy are out of touch : Ordinary People is very, very good too but has hardly been whispered in the same reverent breath as the Scorsese trifecta of Taxi Driver/Raging Bull/Good Fellas). De Niro's portrayal of Jake La Motta, both as frightening pugilist and overweight has-been, makes the picture.
Competing with Raging Bull is the less revered Angel Heart (10 Sun 1130P) which GG describes thus : "it's a tumultuous cavalcade of violence, nudity, sex, Cajun mocumbo-jumbo and profanity," starring a "seedy" Mickey Rourke and Lisa Bonet's boobs.

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