Thursday, 23 March 2006

What's On

While the CommGames draw to a close on Sunday night, “An exhibition of pride, unity and goodwill, to bring the 2006 Commonwealth Games to a close, hosted by Ray Martin,” Saturday night delivers a bevy of boobs (not to mention the ubiquitous True Lies on channel repeat), Eyes Wide Shut (9 Sat 11P) and Volaverunt (SBS Sat 945P) : don’t know much about this one but it does star P.Cruz as one of Goya’s models so if there’s no accounting for taste …
Get the video tape in for the kiddies on channel 7 over the weekend : The Barbie Diaries, Pocahontas, Mulan, Ice Age and Dr Dolittle 2.
And finally The Wall (9 Sun 12midnight) the synopsis described thus :
“A touching trio of stories inspired by three mementos left at the base of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. The first is "The Pencil Holder", the story of a strict father who is deeply changed when his young son befriends a dying soldier. The second is "The Badge", about a young man (Glover) who enlists, just as his father and Grandfather did before him. His grandmother gives him the badge, a family heirloom, for good luck. The final story is "The Player", in which a cynical soldier rethinks his ways after being paired with a comrade who has volunteered for three straight tours of duty.”

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