Thursday, 9 March 2006

Here's a funny thing

I have deliberately not turned my critical eye toward the GG or its contributors too often this year however a couple of things this week caught my eye.

Letters to the editor express a range of (albeit predictable) outrage ranging from radio mis-programming on ClassicFM or 774 ABC, the late running of Lost/DesperateHousewives/TheAmazingRace/CommanderInChief or the poor choice of conetestants on DancingWithTheStars (Molly Meldrum drew the most ire). Constance E Little from Eagle Point however has written in regarding a show that does not attract much attention and about a time shift that most others would not bat an eyelid to :
Many listeners are disappointed that the ABC has moved the 'Songs Of Praise' program from 11am to 1130am on Sunday. The new time is too close to lunch. We all need spiritual refreshment as well as body nourishment. Please return to 11 o'clock.

And finally, the picture of the Vega FM breakfast crew (Shaun Micallef et al) is the same picture that has been used twice already by the photo ed. at GG and was taken in the weeks before Vega went to air, in the middle of last year ! What do they take us for ? Regular watchers of Songs of Praise ?

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